What Is Love?

When we say “love” we can mean different things. Sometimes, we mean that we really, really like something. I say, “I love pie.” Or, “I love books.” What are some of the things that you love like this?

The best kind of love, true love, means much more than really, really liking something. This kind of love is bigger than big – it can never be measured – and it never ends. This is the kind of love that a grown up means when he or she says, “I love my daughter” or, “I love my son.” Who do you love like this?

Sometimes, you can truly love a person and not like something that that person does. So, even when you feel, at the moment, like you don’t really like your brother or sister, or even your parents,  you can still love them. Because liking can change – but true loving does not change.

This true love is the God kind of love. It lasts forever. It’s like when a grown up might hold open her arms really wide and say, “I love you thiiiiis much!” When a person does that, her hands might not be bent like she’s holding some imaginary thing. Instead, they are open with the fingers pointing forever in both directions. This is because, when we truly love someone, that love is too big to hold. There is always more. We can never run out of true love because it is infinite, without end.

When we love someone like this, we are loving as God loves. Because God loves us jesus-cross-clip-art-yck5rMKcEinfinitely, forever. God tells us how much He loves us through Jesus. God shows us how much He loves us through Jesus on the Cross. This is how God says, “I love you thiiiiis much!”

Whenever we see a cross, we remember that God loves us always and forever.

Remember, God created all of us because He loves us. He created you because He loves you. God loved you even before He formed your body in your mommy’s belly. He gave you your soul and it’s your soul that makes your body alive. And your soul lives forever – just like the God kind of love lasts forever.

© 2014 Christina Chase


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