Christina Chase, Divine Incarnate, BlogI hope that you will enjoy reading my weekly blog, Divine Incarnate.  I began this  blog when I made a personal act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 2013.  My hope was to record my explorations into, and reflections upon, the Sacred Heart – which, being the heart of Christ, is the heart of God and the heart of Man.  What I discovered is that this journey is taking me into the very heart of reality: all that is good, beautiful, and true is the subject of the Sacred Heart.  The Divine was made Incarnate through Jesus Christ and, in the core of his being, we find the truth and transcendence of all of our human fears, joys, sorrows, and loves.  Therefore, this blog has become a deeply personal reflection upon my own life.

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You may also like to explore Bible Bursts, my personal challenge to think and write for one hour on one random piece of Scripture.  There are many posts to read – but, I’ll have to take up a new piece of Sacred Scripture soon!  I miss the joy of creatively delving into the Word of God to discover what the Lord wants to share through me.  Perhaps, you will want to try writing a Bible Burst, too!

Looking forward to reflecting with you,

Pax Christi


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